Woodworking and Metalworking

The Kalavan Retreat Center hosts the most complete wood and metalworking workshop in the village. We rely on these tools for the various construction and refurbishment projects going on around and outside the house. But we also see this investment in tools of production as an opportunity to teach others how to work with their hands and build useful things. Learning these practical skills on a range of tools not typically available to them from seasoned experts in techniques not often seen in Armenia will give Armenians the chance to develop marketable skills that can support them throughout life.

Rest assured that we insist on the highest modern safety equipment and standards when working with tools of any kind, including but not limited to safety goggles and glasses, welding masks, work boots, hearing protection, safety gloves, and more.

  • Basic hand tools - saws, chisels, planes, etc.
  • Power tool safety and operation - drills, sanders, routers, table saws, miter saws, etc.
  • Joinery techniques - half-laps, dados, mortise & tenon
  • Wood finishing and staining
  • Accurate measuring, cutting, shaping, drilling, and assembly
  • Cutting, filing, grinding, deburring, and welding metals

Whether for home renovations, hobbies, or a future career, this immersive workshop provides unique hands-on training. You'll gain confidence working with wood and metal, using essential tools and machinery, and applying fundamental techniques from design concept to finished creation. And because we have season craftspeople from many countries and backgrounds, the learning opportunities will never be limited to just one familiar way of doing things or types of projects to work on. 

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