Educational Workshops

At the Kalavan Retreat Center, we believe that everyone is both a teacher and a student. Everyone with enough passion and curiosity can be a lifelong learner. Likewise, they can pass on what they have learned to others, no matter how and to what extent they know it.

Our facility hosts educational workshops on a wide variety of subjects that is continually evolving with the knowledge and experience of the people who share their influence here. Some of these skills and areas of knowledge are quite rare in Armenia and would be of significant value to the Armenian people and those who undertake the trouble to visit or immigrate here. By incubating within the boundaries of The Kalavan Retreat Center, this knowledge can spread outward to the rest of the country, benefitting everyone.

With our intimate class sizes and distraction-free environment, you'll be able to focus completely on learning, growing your paradigm and personality, and discovering new aspects of your identity.

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