Becoming an Influential Author with Nonfiction

I'm the author of six non-fiction books and a writing coach and teacher. You can see some of my work on Amazon. My book The Influential Author is probably the most in-depth guide to producing and publishing successful nonfiction available on the internet. I've been able to draw on my experience of teaching and coaching around the world to help people craft and refine their messages in their first books.

This workshop is appropriate for first-time authors sorting through their mess of complex ideas about what should go in their book. They don't know how to prioritize everything they might write about, including what to elaborate on or cut out (and maybe save for another publication). We will help them work through everything that might be appropriate to include and focus on what will be a good fit for the first book they put their name and face on.

For writers who already have a very clear idea of what they want to say (and may have even already written a significant amount of a rough draft), we will focus on polishing and refining it to the point that it reads like something you expect to find in a professionally published book.

  • How you figure out what to write your first nonfiction book about.
  • The cognitive bias that prevents most people from being able to consciously explain what they know in a book.
  • The importance of entertainment and engagement in even dry nonfiction topics.
  • How to defy book category expectations effectively.
  • Writing the book you really want to write regardless of the market conditions and competition.
  • Effectively self-editing a long-form message within a nonfiction book.
  • Choosing the most effective title and subtitle for your nonfiction book.
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