Musical Literacy

This workshop is designed to unlock the musical potential in anyone who has a passion for it. Learning basic musical literacy and ability is just like learning to speak a new language, and we believe it's something all people (especially Kalavan's children) should have the opportunity to explore if they are interested in it. Since our attempts to fund and implement a proper music program at Kalavan's school have fallen short, we now offer this opportunity privately through The Kalavan Retreat Center.

Well beyond teaching you the basics of how to play a few chords or melodies, we offer a strong foundation in music literacy, history, and theory that fundamentally changes the way you listen to and participate in music.

The instruments we are currently able to offer instruction on include:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Violin

This list will expand as we acquire more instruments and bring in more guests with different musical abilities and experience.

Our comprehensive approach covers musical concepts like:

  • Reading musical notation for pitch and rhythm
  • Understanding keys, scales, chords, and musical foundations
  • Melody, harmony, and the basics of composition
  • How to play popular music by ear or study the classics by notation and theory

Above all, we believe that music should be fun and an expression of a learner's artistic passion. It is one of the most beneficial skills for the developing cognition of young people and something very few of them in Armenia's rural communities have the opportunity to experience.

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