Land for Sale

Residential land in Kalavan has become a hot commodity since the village began promoting itself to the media as a hub for economic and cultural development in Armenia.

When I bought my house and the 5,000 square meters it sits on, it was the only property still available for purchase. Since then, I have occasionally become aware of empty plots or run-down houses listed at heavily inflated prices—the owners hoping to take advantage of the increased notoriety that Kalavan maintains around Armenia.

My house sits on the lower portion of the property. The upper portion sits above and behind my house, still empty and unused. It hosts impressive views and plenty of privacy for someone who sees the possibilities a place like Kalavan holds. Though centrally located, the plot is mostly not visible from the main road. Apple and walnut trees block the view from the back of my house. You will have plenty of privacy.

I invite interested parties whose values align with mine to look at the property. We'll drink coffee and chat about what to expect from life here in the village. Everything I've learned from four years here will be freely available to you as my neighbor, including local resources and connections for building and making life comfortable. I hope to attract more open-minded and progressive people to this developing region for the economic and cultural betterment of everyone.

I can be reached by email for inquiries about the plot at or by phone at +374 077900174.


• A small flat area to build on that can easily be expanded.

• Road access

• Easy power and water hookups

• Surprisingly good mobile wifi speed through Vivacell (or Ucom)

• Gorgeous views of changing colors through all four seasons

• Walking distance to the municipality, community center, schoolhouse, and river

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