An Open Offer to the Residents of Kalavan Regarding the Closure of Their School


Recently, I've heard from multiple local sources that there's a strong possibility the only school in Kalavan will soon be closing, leaving all children and teenagers in the area without any viable option for education.

As I've publicly lamented, my repeated attempts to get involved with improving the state of education here have been ignored over the last four years. However, now that there will be no alternatives, there may finally be a chance to improve things here. I want all my neighbors, whether they've personally met me or not, to know that I'm available to tutor students of all ages in all basic academic subjects: math, physics, biology, chemistry, history, economics, critical thinking, and even many of the arts. I don't do sports, though. You'll have to find another source for that.

Of particular note is that I've specialized in English fluency training in many countries around the world, codifying my conclusions about how to improve English as a Foreign Language (EFL) education and create conversational fluency in my most recent book, Our Global Lingua Franca: An Educator's Guide to Spreading English Where EFL Doesn't Work. Working with me, your children will become at least conversationally fluent in a relatively short time (most likely months instead of years). This skill will continue to have lasting positive social and economic benefits throughout their lives.

My house is centrally located (within view of the school) and already set up to accommodate small or large groups of visitors for these types of educational meetings. There are plenty of academic books and learning materials already available here. More can be acquired in the Armenian language if needed, or perhaps the school will be willing to let us borrow what they will no longer be using. I even have a plethora of musical instruments and can provide training on the piano, guitar, violin, or ukulele to anyone interested in this particular artistic outlet.

I am happy to offer these rare and valuable services for free as my contribution to Kalavan's cultural and economic development. With enough interest, I will be able to recruit someone locally as an assistant who speaks fluent Armenian to facilitate teaching and communication. It would be a tragedy if these children's educational development was delayed or permanently halted while they were in the prime of their intellectual growth. Parents or anyone in the area interested in collaborating can reach me by email at or via phone at 077900174. You may also add me on Facebook for easier communication: 

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